Logo Work



Logo work for a shop selling strawberries and other local products. Veierland is known for it's terrain of curved, bumpy roads, that follow the natural landscape. The island has protected soil, and therefore it's not allowed to drive cars on these roads. The idea was to place the shop beside the road in a particularly curvy spot, so that tourist cycling the island could have a treat on the go. My idea was to make the logo appear charming and safe, nostalgic and proud.

3_Soulginger copy.png

I've done ALOT of editing on this logofont for a funk/soul band called Soul Ginger. They wanted a smooth and elegant but at the same time groovy logo for their identity. 

4_Skiver copy.jpg

This is a logo for a lunch bar that's also selling vinyl. In Norwegian the word skiver means both "pieces of bread" and "disc". 


This is the logo for my bachelors project - a children's game without rules. The concept is a dynamic game where the child decides the meaning of the game. The game is built on elements of traditional play, - child makes rules, child in center, child gives meaning and story. 

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"Singled Out" is a magazine I developed during a school project. I wanted to push my boundaries, and work on something I could expand to a kind of greasy, bold design. The result is a magazine about the stigmatization of single life. My idea is to confront the ideas one might have of longterm-singles in a magazine for the single. To this day, what is offered the target group in Norway, is informative magazines mainly concerning ones practical life and rights. This magazine is supposed to make a caricature out of stigmatization, and give the lonely living audience some confidence. The main goal is to give people a boost to live life the way they prefer, and to tell you there’s nothing wrong with you even though you don’t have a partner in life.

I want to thank Maria Manuela de Paoli and Annika Franksdotter Hvaal for letting me do interviews with them about the subject. Alexandra Ezhno for giving me the rights to display her photographs, Sigrun Nyvold for contributing with material and my dear friend Bernt Jakob Oksnes for guidance and motivation. I also owe a huge thanks to Ensliges landsforbund and all the single people out there.

Singled Out_layout1.jpg
Singled Out_layout2.jpg
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Assignment: Create packaging for squash drinks.
"Ville vekster" is a collaborative project between me and a fellow student. Our task was to design and rebrand the products of Solvin in the Norwegian chain store food market. Our idea is to rebrand the farm as an innovative slow food producer, focusing on savoury flavors with local ingredients. 

Our process consisted of a wide range of research on the Norwegian marked, we collected data on consumers usage, engaged eye tracking and performed market position charts. We interviewed product designers and customers. Our work as a team was very dynamic, and even though you often find yourself lost in some way during a prosess, we actually didn't encounter any difficulties. This might have been because we had a straight focus during the whole prosess, and we often involved in discussions about visual expression, concept, thoughts and common expectations. We also share the belief that design should mirror the target group, and that this is much higher in the hierarchy that creating something trendy or pleasingly minimalistic. We are both afraid of "designing for designers". When we have a sole focus on the target group, we have a better way of looking objective at something; It's not about us anymore. Regarding this, dividing the work is difficult. I designed the shape and the concept of the logo as a wild bush, Oda did the finishes and dealt with the typographic layout. I used the shapes of the logo font for icons and together we did the colors.

Thanks to Digitaletikett, for quick delivery and assistance, Emballasjebutikken, for actually turning up at our school with bottles for our project (!), and Tom Aanensen, for guidance on gourmet packaging. 


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